Composite testing


Burn Rate:

Sample description: AeroTek® Composite Board material with an average measured thickness of .115”    

AeroTek®  (1.03”/min)

Current competitor  (1.85″/min)

Burn Rate Graph

*Independently tested by ICC NTA, LCC  (Formerly Progressive Engineering)



Tensile Strength:

Objective: To evaluate the performance and bond strength of panels before and after accelerated aging cycle

Procedure: 3rd party testing service received eight sets of 2-inch by 2-inch cut-out samples. The samples were construed with RV64021 and the following materials:

MT1 A-E  Competitor composite; Ambient FWT (Max Tensile Strength) – 60.24

MT2 A-E  AeroTek® composite; Ambient FWT (Max Tensile Strength) – 67.89

MT5 A-E  Competitor composite; Thermal Cycled + FWT (Max Tensile Strength) – 53.57

MT6 A-E  AeroTek® composite; Thermal Cycled + FWT (Max Tensile Strength) – 70.60

*Independently tested by a third party and OEM RV/Automotive glue supplier



Aged Preparation:

Samples MT5 and MT6 were placed into accelerated aging cycle

The parameters for the aging test were as follows:

1) 10 hours at 180°F and 10% Relative Humidity (RH)

2) 2 hours transition to next setting

3) 10 hours at -40°F and 0% RH

4) 2 hours transition to next setting

5) 10 hours at 100°F and 90% RH

6) 2 hours transition back to 1) setting

-The six-step cyclic testing described above was repeated for five cycles. The total time for the aging process was 7.5 days

*Independently tested by a third party and OEM RV/Automotive glue supplier


*Tensile Strength

Bond strength analysis was performed using a model # 5984 Instron With a 30,000 lb load cell at a speed of 0.5 in/minute. Five samples for each aged were tested. Prior to adhesion to aluminum T-bar, each sample was lightly sanded on both sides and wiped clean with isoprophyl Alcohol (IPA). Each sample was adhered to an aluminum T-bar on both sides using an epoxy and allowed to cure overnight. They were then tested for tensile strength at room temperature.



Overall Performance Testing

AeroTek Composite Testing


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