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What is AeroTek® Composite Board?

AeroTek® Composite Board is a lightweight reinforced thermoplastic (LWRT) material composed of polypropylene fiber and glass fiber. It is free from formaldehyde and other toxic chemicals. With its unique composition, AeroTek® is 50% lighter than wood panels. It is available in various options, ranging from 1000-2000g/m² in mass per unit area and 2.2-7.0mm in sheet thickness. What makes AeroTek® stand out is its microcavity-rich porous composite structure, which provides excellent sound-absorbing and thermal insulation properties. Overall, AeroTek® offers a safe, lightweight, and versatile solution for applications that require strength, insulation, and sound absorption.


Advantages of AeroTek® Composite Board (GMT)

  • -Lightweight
  • -Bendable up to 10mpa
  • -No formaldehyde or other toxic chemicals - Formaldehyde level: 0 PPM
  • -Odorless
  • -No delamination
  • -Color: Aspen White / Nantucket Gray
  • -No mold, mildew, rot, and warping
  • -No deforestation
  • -Suitable for flat lamination PVC and PET material
  •  Moisture Resistant & Mold standard: GJB 150.10A-2009 (PRC military level) grade A
  • -And many more




AeroTek Cutaway

AeroTek Cutaway 5th Wheel

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